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How to get a loan from a non-bank company?

Loan companies operate outside the banking sector and supervision by the Commission for Banking Supervision. Therefore, they do not have to, among other things, control the client’s credit history in the Credit Information Bureau before issuing the decision to pay the loan. The criteria that the borrower must meet are much less restrictive than at banks. To take out a loan from a non-bank company, it is usually enough to complete the electronic form available on the lender’s website, and then verify your identity in the manner indicated, including via verification transfer to a parabank account.

To fill out the loan application form, the borrower will only need personal data from his / her ID card, the bank account number that is registered on it and the mobile number also belonging to him. On the basis of the statement on the amount and source of income, the lender issues a credit decision, checking only if the customer is not a debtor entered in the database of the Economic Information Bureau or the database of the National Register of Debtors.

Some loan companies, e.g. Wonga, have a contract with BIK and provide information about their borrowers, while using the data collected in BIK. Thanks to this, they borrow money only to those who can afford a loan.

There are loan companies that accept paper loan applications, such as Provident, for example, offering a loan with the support of an individual advisor. The loan advisor makes an appointment with the borrower, signs all documents with him and pays out the loan. Later, the advisor repays the liability with accrued interest. Generally, however, the sphere of non-bank loans is developing the most on the Internet, thanks to which you can apply for a loan without leaving your home. Sometimes, when submitting an application to a loan company, the borrower will be asked to show a certificate of income or a photocopy of an ID card and a copy of the last utility bill. On this basis, the creditworthiness of the potential borrower in the loan company is confirmed and calculated.

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